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Here’s a list of all the apps I have on my Eris phone right now.


While listening to Leo LaPorte on The Tech Guy today a guy called in about how to get more traffic to his site.  I’ve checked it out and I must say it’s really nice and deserves to get some attention. Please stop in and help these guys get started.

Unlimited Stock Video



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Microsoft and Cuteness

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While cruising around YouTube today I found an old news story on the release of Windows 95 and when the video got to the :48 mark I was reminded of the Kylie commercials for Windows 7. Seems Microsoft has a record of using ultra cute kids for their commercials. I have no problem with this at all but I just found it interesting.

This is the Windows 95 coverage. If you skip to the :48 second mark this is where the little girl starts.

This next video is from the Windows 7 commercials.

Anyway I just thought this was quite interesting that they seemed to have gone back and used what was presumably a really successful ad campaign for  Windows 95. Cuteness sells.

I was turned onto this site from a friend of mine. This is a truly inspiring site dedicated to landscape photography. Marian’s shots are just amazing. The way he is able to capture light and a certain mood is astounding. If you are looking for some inspiration to get you motivated for your next photo or just want to see some incredible photography, this is the place to go.

The whole planet” the Earth” is a wonderful original with its wonders and specialities, which cannot be replaced and copied. It is our home. It used to be the Paradise and the magic place of the first people. Nowadays the situation is quite different. That is why there are many people who long for some changes of the situation. Despite of that you can still find beautiful places on the Earth even these days, which give us some hope that the Earth will never be destroyed and people will try to look after their home as much as they can. My “Panoramatta” will remind the mountain lovers the fact who is hidden behind all of that. In the difference with my photos, in reality they are the “originals” of the very intelligent “Creator” whom I admire myself and I always return back to “His” mountains with my great respect. With the hope to find and catch something what all the people without any difference have longed for. At least for a very short moment to see “the Lost Paradise”, which will be recorded and preserved thanks to the photographs and techniques.

via – Marian Matta, photographer.

Work Smart | Fast Company

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Congratulations to Gina for landing a killer job at Fast Company. I am a huge fan of Gina’s and I’m so glad to have another avenue to follow and learn from her. Please do yourself a favor and stop in and you will definitely learn something.  For some reason was not mentioned in the following Bio. If anyone has used the Better Gmail plug-in for Firefox you can thank Gina for that.

Gina Trapani is the award-winning author, blogger, and programmer whose work translates cutting-edge technology into insights that boost personal productivity. Gina was the founding editor of, the seminal blog which garnered nominations for Blog of the Decade and yielded the best-selling book, Upgrade Your Life, a compendium of the best lessons from the thousands-strong Lifehacker community.

Through her work co-hosting This Week in Google, creating platforms for customizing Google’s web applications, and writing The Complete Guide to Google Wave, she’s become the foremost independent voice on the technology efforts of web titan Google. Her writing has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Wired, PC World and Macworld magazines, leading to profiles of her work in venues ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times. A popular and in-demand public speaker, Gina has given feature presentations and keynote speeches at first-tier events like the Web 2.0 Expo. Fast Company named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology, and Wired magazine awarded her its prestigious Rave Award in 2006.

(Gina also hates talking about herself and thanks the good friend who wrote this bio for her.)

via Work Smart | Fast Company.

Stealth Ibot Pc Monitor

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“Easy To Use & Undetectable Total Computer Spying Tool Covertly Monitors Passwords, Chatting, Photos, Websites & More

Insert In USB, And In 5 Seconds Data Nano iBots Monitor All Computer Activity On ALL USER ACCOUNTS w/o Tell-Tale Hardware Left Behind

Covertly Record Everything A Person Does On A Computer

Remove Stealth iBot After 5 Seconds: No Hardware Left Behind

Undetectable By Most Anti-Spyware Applications

Store Up to 10,000 Screenshots & Virtually Unlimited Text

Total Surveillance – Record All Computer Activity – Even On Other User Accounts

Works With Any PC Computer Including Laptops

** Must be logged into computer with installation rights prior to inserting device**

3 Easy Steps

Insert Into USB Of Any PC Or Laptop

In 5 Seconds – Nano iBots Attach To Windows To Begin Full Covert Monitoring – Remove USB

When Ready, Re-Insert Into USB to Retrieve Everything


1 GB USB Flash Drive

Activity Monitoring

Stores Up To 10,000 Screenshots

Stores Virtually Infinite Amount Of Text

Remembers Visited Websites

Works with XP, Vista, Vista Sp1

**Legal Disclaimer: Only to be deployed on a computer that you own. Not Mac compatible. ”

via Stealth Ibot Pc Monitor | Electronics & Gadgets | SkyMall.

Ok this is extremely scary. I find this very irresponsible of SkyMall to be selling devices like this that’s only purpose is to hack and keylog other peoples pc’s. Oh the disclaimer says to only use on a computer you own. Yeah right. Nothing like making Keylogging and Identity theft that much easier to do. All I can say is beware of people using their thumb drives in you pc. According to the description it only takes 5 seconds to install the software. Scary.

Here is a link to the manufactures website. I love how the video says this is not keylogger software yet in the description at the top of the page is says it records “Passwords”.

Well I guess it’s true. Privacy is dead.

Eric B

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived

Yep. Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid’s college fund. With the singing of angels and a ray of sunlight parting the clouds, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like an orgasm of geekiness. As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key… that’s 113 screens in all. What can you do with these tiny screens, you ask? Well, each key can change its image dynamically depending on what you’re doing.

via ThinkGeek :: Optimus Maximus Keyboard.

Ok this has to be the coolest and most worthless piece of technology I’ve ever seen. The coolness factor is off the scale, along with the price but the usefulness is off the scale on the low end. The only thing I can see this being useful for is something like Photoshop where all the keyboard shortcuts are displayed on the keyboard so there is no need to have to remember them all. Other than that it’s just a very expensive gadget that only a limited number of people will ever be able to afford.