Why Apple Sucks | I Just Want to Fit In

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here at IJWtFI, we like computers. We like computer stuff. We also don’t like Apple, for many reasons. Until the rise to stardom in 2000-2002, Apple lurked in the shadows, plotting its nefarious technological revolution, waiting for the right time to attack. The time has come. Apple has managed possibly the greatest marketing campaign in history, in which its customers are entranced by Apple’s perfection and innovation and inspired to be overly pretentious *ssholes.  It also helps that the media is utterly infatuated with the company. Fact: If you own an Apple, you automatically gain at least 50 IQ points and suddenly the smell of your own farts becomes strangely pleasant and addictively sweet.

All new product launches achieve unprecedented turnouts. Why?! It doesn’t make sense. I certainly imagine that the fanboys wait in line just to say they waited at the feet of Steve Jobs. That’s the only reason.

Granted, its products are innovative. The iPod was innovative, the iPhone was innovative, but the manner of upgrades/updates, pricing, and marketing are only misleading and deceptive for consumers, yet somehow everyone adores the punishment. It’s like an abusive relationship. Apple’s “planned obsolescence” or “forced upgrades” are glorified when they should be damned.

via Why Apple Sucks | I Just Want to Fit In.

Wow. I would have to agree with everything in this post. IJWTFI hit the nail square on the head. What gets me is how can these Mac Drones fit in when such a small percentage of tech users in the world use any kind of Apple device? I got news for ya Fanbois. Steve Jobs is not the second coming of Christ!!.

  1. ilsa says:

    I completely agree with this posting. I always beieved that apple was a merchandising ploy and a abusive relationship. there is a great New Yorker Cartoon from a few weeks back has a person with pockets for each of the iProducts. its a hoot. sorry about the double post about my former students daily blog.

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