ThinkGeek :: Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Technology

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived

Yep. Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid’s college fund. With the singing of angels and a ray of sunlight parting the clouds, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like an orgasm of geekiness. As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key… that’s 113 screens in all. What can you do with these tiny screens, you ask? Well, each key can change its image dynamically depending on what you’re doing.

via ThinkGeek :: Optimus Maximus Keyboard.

Ok this has to be the coolest and most worthless piece of technology I’ve ever seen. The coolness factor is off the scale, along with the price but the usefulness is off the scale on the low end. The only thing I can see this being useful for is something like Photoshop where all the keyboard shortcuts are displayed on the keyboard so there is no need to have to remember them all. Other than that it’s just a very expensive gadget that only a limited number of people will ever be able to afford.


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