Parents paid, never received photos

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Photography

New parents who hired a St. Louis area photographer to shoot photos of their newborn babies at local hospitals said they paid anywhere from $70 to $200 and never received the photos.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to be cautious about doing business with Baby Love Photography or its owner, Nicole Manley.

Robert Spence, of Oakville, Mo. said he and his wife had their first child at the end of November and called Baby Love Photography when they saw fliers advertising the company at St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

Spence said after ordering an $85 package and encouraging family members to order photos from, he never received the photos or a response back from the company after numerous e-mails and calls.

via Parents paid, never received photos of newborns from local photographer | St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

This just makes me sick. Please pass the word about this photographer. This person doesn’t need to do one more photography job anywhere.  How someone can be so cruel when this family has one chance to have such a miracle captured for all time. There’s no way to get those memories back. All it takes is just one horrible person to ruin what should have been a beautiful moment in this families life.

What gets me is that this photographers business has been reported several times for very poor business practices. So please spread the word and make sure this person never gets another job anywhere. Thanks.


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