Hey, That’s My iPad! | North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Technology

Wow John I had no idea. I’m can’t wait to see how this turns out. Could be very very interesting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Just another case for the “Apple is Evil” mantra.

Hey, That’s My iPad!

Thursday, February 4th 2010 by John T. Kivus

In 2003, Fujitsu released a new device that that let store clerks check inventory levels and verify item prices. In 2010, Apple released their next revolution in computing. How are these two related? They’re both called “iPad”. As reported originally in the New York Times, Fujistu registered a trademark for the name iPad, in 2003, for their multifunction device. When Apple released their new tablet computer, however, they didn’t hesitate to also brand it as the iPad. The question now becomes: How does Fujistu respond? A trademark infringement action could be interesting. Is the term iPad generic or suggestive? Is there a likelihood of confusion between the two devices? Though any legal battles have yet to play out, some technology pundits are already weighing in. In response to Fujistu’s PR director’s statement statement “It’s our understanding the name is ours”, John Paczkowski stated “Correction-It was yours”.

via Hey, That’s My iPad! | North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology.

  1. iPad Forum says:

    Excellent site youve got there. I didnt know much about this until i found this website via yahoo Thanks

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